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Angels 911

September 11, 2020 @ 6:11 pm - 8:00 pm UTC+7


Join Stephanie Lodge in “hugging humanity” through this collective prayer and conscious light training series that empowers us to stand in our power as love without compromise or fear. This series is designed to bring in celestial guidance of the highest order to assist us in our quantum ascension and holding neutralized frequency fields of faith, forgiveness, and freedom for all.

It’s time to INVITE THE LIGHT and heal universal grief together! Stephanie invites YOU to be part of the “ground crew” of light legions anchoring their light into the planet, and know the truth for all humanity from the quantum angelic levels. 

Angels 911 is part-alchemy training and part-prayer directive. Comprehensively, Angels 911 is a collective space for those called to serve the planet to integrate love for all living beings who have been feeling overwhelmed or uncertain during this time of immense transition. There is a lot of intelligence exchange happening through all formats of media right now, and some can be fear-inducing. Fear is counter-productive to neutralizing those fields of intelligence that are distorted or decaying universal consciousness attempting to fall away. So, Angels 911 is a significant service of love and healing to our planet at this time.

In this FREE LIVE online Angels 911 event, you’ll receive celestial guidance for the incoming waves of energetic exchange. Namely, how we can stay at our highest frequency navigating through them. We will also be calling in the legions of celestial light for support as a group to give greater permission for their assistance of the planet through power prayers. As part of the events you will learn:

~ The Sovereign Statement to access your personal zero-point field.

~ How to neutralize any incoming “message” of lower density.

~ How to create a HALO field to buffer out all denser experiences.

It is time to truly know that our Angels are us, guiding us from a sovereign state. I am here to facilitate that ascension of our consciousness. WE are liberating ourselves, as long as we choose to let go of unhealthy and not-of-the-light patterns. Now, more than ever, it is vital to regularly interface with the deeper intelligence of our Diamond Heart operating system and Angelic Soul to elevate larger levels of consciousness.

Sovereign Light Alchemy of the highest order, what we will be doing in Angels 911, can best be accomplished together, as a collective. We can assist the planet now to find harmony, specifically the U.S. as we head into the election season.

Angels 911 is launching on September 11, 2020. It is going to repeat as an event series. More details about the series coming soon!

Meanwhile, subscribe to the Angelic Academy channel on YouTube to get your reminder and access the live stream. Feel free to invite your friends to join us and share across all networks to amplify this intention of love made manifest into form.


September 11, 2020
6:11 pm - 8:00 pm UTC+7


Angelic Academy
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