The Angelic Academy is dedicated to providing a variety of transformational programs that integrate heart, mind, and spirit as one unified intelligence that empowers personal sovereignty and soul confidence. The Diamond Heart Keys is the foundational series to Stephanie Lodge's main Diamond Light Mastery philosophy and practices! It is a journey of remembering our true sovereignty and the power of self-devotion that leads to self-sufficient co-creation and balanced manifestation.

Diamond Heart Keys is a 7-Module program that activates the Diamond Heart complex, or multi-faceted "operating system" that powers up your HALO - Holographic Assembled Light Organization. If we define Angelic as quantum conscious frequency, we begin to align to our true sacred nature as multifaceted and multidimensional beings. Diamond Light Mastery is designed to activate, align, and harmonize your entire HALONET - the network of genius available to you that is comprised of master beings, Source genius, ancestors, and more!

This audio-only series is available now and you'll be able to access all of its meditations, activations, guidance, and more on-demand for life!

Below you'll find a brief outline of each Module to give you an idea of what the Angelic Arts & Sacred Sciences of DIAMOND LIGHT MASTERY truly are and how they align with some of our most ancient ascension teachings on the planet. More importantly, as your Diamond Light journey continues, you'll learn the importance of recalibrating and redesigning these old paradigms and narratives to better serve your future manifestations for a Sovereign Life!

Stephanie Lodge


2 Audio Recordings and PDF

This recording will give you an introductory overview of Stephanie’s understanding of Angels as the living light substance that is always in motion to create all that we witness as our reality. She will then guide you through a sacred journey that reclaims your Diamond Heart and aligns the Diamond Heart Keys into a trinity complex or mechanism of co-creation.

This initialization provides a deeper connection within to create a more elevated life experience going forward.

You’ll learn about…

• the higher “Angelic” heart chakra that links you to the collective elemental forces of Angelic Life, Light and Sound and its Key or conscious command

• the Heart central database or “Lightbrary” that provides unwavering conviction and unconditional love of self and others, and its Key or conscious command

• the Key to our Ultimate Love solar center that fuels us with graceful authority

• the Three Sovereign Statements that liberate you from all distorted fields and forces

• the two core energies that all must work on balancing to experience their true immaculate frequency


2 Audio Recordings

Now that your Diamond Heart is online, you’ll learn how to put it to use as a tool for dreaming awake a new reality and manifesting your authentic life through the dynamics of the Angelic Dream Keys, various conscious commands and practices that assist with full Angelic embodiment and empowerment.

The first process is activating its magnetic field and anchoring it as a vehicle of intention.

This initialization provides a deeper connection within to create a more elevated life experience going forward.

Topics include:

  • Mind Framing: How to create customized Dream Keys or maps of conscious creation within the Mind Frame
  • How to engage and program your Diamond Heart operating system
  • Heart Mapping – amplifying your magnetic field interface for collective manifestation
  • Locking in your Dream Key or conscious command until it manifests as reality!

The second recording walks you through the entire Diamond Heart Magnetics process.




Learn to transform your personal resonance with the Harmonic Alignment Light Optimization (aka HALO) processes that realign your multidimensional frequencies located within your DNA/RNA sequencing.

On the first recording you’ll receive information on…

  • How your resonance is your residence and how the regular practice of HALO can calibrate your magnetic field utilizing the various Angelic Light Streams and Angelic Dream Keys of Sovereign Source

On the second recording you’ll experience…

  • Diamond Light Alchemy – Stephanie’s signature REVEAL-RELEASE-RESTORE meditation for full body and field regeneration utilizing the ultraviolet, violet and diamond light streams and Angelic Dream Keys: Raziel, Zadkiel and Metatron.



Harness the highest frequencies of Diamond Plasma Light to elevate Diamond Earth through a series of Light Streams comprised of Sovereign Source Language that is the conscious architectural intelligence of all matter.

On the first audio recording you’ll…

• learn the difference between galactic languages, Angelic language, and Sovereign Source language of creation

On the second audio recording you’ll…

• experience a series of energy transmissions or light streams of pure Sovereign Source Language that supports energetic empowerment, alignment, and elevation of your entire plasma body.

Expect your Diamond DNA or Angelic Light codons to amplify!


2 Audio Recordings

Construct your Wings of Diamond Light through this powerful visualization process that integrates your wing chakra centers with your Diamond Heart’s pure intention.

This initialization provides a deeper connection within to create a more elevated life experience going forward.

On the instructional audio you’ll…

• discover the 5 Sovereign Light Streams of the Elohim: Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Sovereign Feminine, Sovereign Masculine and Universal Architect

• learn how to set up personal or group sanctuary with your Seraphim Light Field utilizing your activated wingspan

• engage your energetic field of sovereign light to sweep the field, energetically shield, comfort and heal, plus so much more!

On the guided meditation audio you’ll…

• be guided through a visualization exercise that serves as a living transmission from the Angels to release and open your primary wing centers (chakras) on your back to further your Angelic embodiment.


2 Audio Recordings

HALONETIX 369 is an aspect of Stephanie’s direct transmissions of Harmonic Keys that specifically neutralize mental distortions and static magnetic fields to calm the mind, activate bliss states, and integrate more immaculate light using neutral numerical codes that represent electromagnetic waveform and dynamic field intersections.

They are an aspect of Source Living Light that is delivered from the Metatronic field in its purest state in order to empower the heart with little interference from the mental filters.

Topics include:

• learn more about the technology that Stephanie directly streams or deciphers, how she discovered it and how it connects to the new Seraphim “Dragon” frequencies

• learn the three ingredients of a “Bliss Bomb”, one of Stephanie’s favorite super supplement elixirs

• gain additional insights and practical guidance on being a Diamond Angel in the “real world” including a few tips from Stephanie’s personal Vibrational Life Plan – lifestyle protocols she suggests for the “Care and Feeding” of Diamond Angels

On the guided meditation recording you’ll experience…

Some of the universal HALONETIX 369 sequences that bypass mental interference to activate, align, amplify, and integrate your most immaculate state of light and love, and begin to dislodge subconscious programs, anchored timelines, genetic blueprints, and other unconscious or hidden distortions


2 Audio Recordings

Stephanie says, “The Diamond Age is upon us, dismantling the old ‘Golden Age’ matrix and timelines that kept us on a track of self-destruction in the endless pursuit of pleasing an authoritative God and a pursuit of the material currencies.

The Diamond Dragons represent an archetype of the Sovereign Light Architects of the higher vibrational planes building the holographic blueprint of Diamond Earth. These ancient intelligent forces have been known as the Builders. They are polymorphic fields that are held as containers for us to populate with conscious light and sound. They can be utilized to transform massive areas through love-centered direction and causal belief.”

Topics include:

• Stephanie’s latest info on the Diamond Dragons or Sacred Seraphim as spiritual technologies relating to the new Metatronic Fields, ley line/grid support, and quantum entanglement.

• answers on how to best prepare for Earth’s elevation from Violet (3D-4D) to Diamond Earth (All-D access) and instructions for basic grid support

• aligning to the Sovereign Source and her central womb known as the Diamond Phoenix