What is Angelic Academy?

The Angelic Academy was founded by Angelic Wisdom teacher and Harmonic Light Alchemist, Stephanie Lodge. It is dedicated to providing a variety of transformational programs that integrate heart, mind, and spirit as one unified intelligence that empowers personal sovereignty and soul confidence. Stephanie believes and knows that at the deepest levels our soul is a powerful quantum intelligence system that is entangled with the universal consciousness (aka God, Source, etc.). When purified of toxic programs of belief and then upgraded, harmonized, and refined energetically, our soul can be harnessed like lightening to create any imagined experience of reality.

"Our world is in a state of deep transformation. Elevating into a Higher Frequency of Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty for All. We are its architects and energy generators co-creating new realities each day through the thoughts we invest in as our beliefs, the emotions we emit as our frequency, and the spiritual energy we anchor as love."

Stephanie Lodge

A Message from Our Founder, Stephanie Lodge

redefining angels and all that is angelic

I believe that there is an infinite intelligence of consciousness that can be tapped into by design to create any desired experience. I call the actual architecture of this intelligence the HALONET and its delivery or communication system the Sovereign (or Diamond) Light Stream(s).  It’s comprised of various Angelic frequencies of photons and dynamic fields of immaculate love that provide support, guidance and wisdom. Thought fields as holographic structures of organized patterns inserted into our consciousness as stories, archetypes, and even beings can be labeled Angelic (pure light) or Angels (if in “light being” forms). Ultimately, at the source level, angels are an intelligent conscious current or energetic force that can be utilized to create the world we desire, where we are no longer a passenger, but instead the driver of our lives.

The reason I give form to this energy through the idea of light beings or Angels is simply because the subconscious mind works better with images, and grasping an entire universe can be challenging at times.  So, Angels serve as the labeling of this fantastic, creative, powerful force in order to make it tangible, interactive and maybe a bit warmer and fuzzier than mere energetic science can provide. I invite you to explore these concepts fully and see if they work for you. If so, get in touch and let me know how I can best serve your personal journey of remembering who and what you truly are and how you serve life at the highest level of light.


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Our Mission


Our aim is to liberate and empower humanity on all levels through the harmonic alignment of their sacred nature as Love made manifest into form, through the process called Diamond Light Mastery. We are here to generate new levels of strength, confidence, and conviction in those newly awakening and light leaders alike to step fully into the highest integrity of living light intelligence, in order to create a new world of peace and vitality for all sentient beings.

The Angelic Academy is dedicated to supporting the “Soul-Esteem” of all through empowering programs that are imperative for true success and soul growth at every level. We offer a variety of spiritually conscious tools to assist your transformation and believe each person’s belief system should be as unique as a fingerprint. So, it’s okay if not everything presented resonates with you. Take what does and leave what doesn’t. It’s your ‘spiritual toolbox’ that you are evolving daily.


When we are willing to take command of our spiritual interface with reality and take accountability for everything we experience, we master the Diamond Light spectrum and let it shine fully to enlighten the world. Once we accept and truly know that we are the “Angelic Architect” of life, we make more loving choices and can transmute, assist and serve all life experience with purpose. Thus removing all thoughts of negativity and releasing all victim consciousness forever, which liberates us from all that is anti-love. This is our ultimate purpose – to empower each other to live authentically, unabashedly and unafraid by being reflections to each other as examples of  radiant light!

Our Philosophy Neutralizes Separation

Blending Science and Spirit to Balance Humanity

There is a bridge between Sacred Source Consciousness that knows all and our Human Consciousness that still believes it is separate, small, limited and controlled by something outside of itself. Stephanie calls this bridge our Diamond Heart, which exists at the quantum field level of our physical heart. Diamond Light Consciousness is a philosophy on how to be the bridge between the heavenly or more refined states of reality and the more grounded earthly existence. As we elevate and evolve our personal wisdom through microfilament or photonic light embodiment, we regain all levels of personal and global sovereignty simultaneously.

~ Who are we?
~ What are we?
~ Why are we here?
~ What is our true purpose?
~ How can we find real happiness in every moment?
~ Can we really manifest everything we desire or are we kidding ourselves?
~ Is there a need for illness?
~ Can we heal ourselves of anything we encounter?
These are just some of the questions that are answered simply and easily through applying Diamond Light to our lives.

Our History


The Angelic Academy was founded in 2013 as an online educational portal for those on the journey of connecting more deeply with the Angels less as beings and more as spiritual forces of conscious communication that surrounds us. As metaphysician Stephanie Lodge developed her connection to Angelic Light, she expanded her understanding and developed the concept of Angelic Science per her highest direction. This incorporated the idea of light and sound as vehicles of spiritual communication and transformation, respectively, and from there her teachings integrated science and frequency to find coherence between the heart and mind. Today she’s considered a pioneer in the field of Angelic Physics that bridges both hemispheres of mind with our holographic consciousness as aspects of our own nature. She continues to expand her teachings to evolve with our understanding of quantum physics and the like on a consistent basis, believing that consciousness will always redefine and determine our process of engaging it.




In person classes are normally located in Los Angeles, and on location for special healing retreats and events. However, more are being created to be available to an online global audience given our current global climate. All events will be located under our events calendar.