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The Angelic Academy was founded by transformational expert, Stephanie Lodge.  It is dedicated to providing a variety of empowering programs that understand the importance of integrating heart and mind in union as part of one’s personal spiritual practice. Stephanie believes there is an infinite intelligence of consciousness that can be tapped into by design to create any desired experience. She calls the actual architecture of this intelligence the Angelic Light Stream, comprised of various frequencies, forces and elements of light, sound and magnetics as love made manifest through life! This stream can be “tuned into” like a network of radio “stations” to provide support, guidance and wisdom. These “stations” of intellect can also be labeled Angels, but ultimately they are the intelligent energy of Godsource that can be utilized to experience all that you deserve.

The reason she incorporates form through the image of actual “light beings” or Angels for most is simply because the subconscious mind works better with images and grasping an entire universe can be challenging at times. Stephanie invites you to explore these concepts fully and see if they work for you as a practical approach or philosophy and if so, get in touch and let her know how she can best serve your personal soul journey.



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